The Whiskey Rebellion

Historical Topics Covered:

National War Debt after Revolutionary War
Alexander Hamilton’s Economic Plan:
(Consolidation of Federal & State Debt, Tariffs, Excise Tax)
War Bonds Speculation
Whiskey Act of 1791
Whiskey Rebellion 1791

Questions to ponder and discuss

  1. Was Hamilton’s plan for Federal fiscal stability economically sound?
  2. Who would benefit from Hamilton’s plan? How would they benefit?
  3. For what reasons should a government go into debt?
  4. How should government debt be paid?
  5. Can taxes ever be equally apportioned?
  6. What is a fair tax?
  7. Are tariffs and excise taxes regressive? Do they make the economy more or less prosperous?

Additional Reading

The Whiskey Rebellion

The Whiskey Rebellion, Murray N. Rothbard

Hamilton’s Curse, Thomas DiLorenzo

A Tale of Two Rebellions, Joel McDurmond

The Consumption Tax: A Critique, Murray N. Rothbard

American Vision, County Rights 5. Taxation, Joel McDurmond

A Basic History of the United States, Vol 2., Clarence B. Carson
A Basic History of the United States (Vol.2): the Beginning of the Republic 1775-1825