The American System: Tariffs, Part 2

An in-depth look at the history and controversy surrounding tariffs in the United States up until the Civil War. This is the third plank of Henry Clay’s American System.

Historical Topics Covered:

Henry Clay’s Senate Speech “On American Industry”
Tariff of 1824
Speech of Daniel Webster Upon the Tariff, 1824
Tariff Bill of 1824
Tariff of 1828 (Tariff of Abominations)
Economic Effects of 1824 Tariff & 1828 Tariff
South Carolina Congressman George McDuffie’s 40 Bale Theory
John C. Calhoun, South Carolina Exposition and Protest, 1828
Doctrine of Nullification
Andrew Jackson’s First Inaugural Address, 1829
Webster – Hayne Debate (1830)
South Carolina Nullification Controversy
Calhoun & Clay’s Tariff of 1833
2nd Morrill Tariff 1862 – 1864

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