The American System: Tariffs, Part 1

This video presents an in-depth look at the history and controversy surrounding tariffs in the United States up until the Civil War. This is the third plank of Henry Clay’s American System. View Part 2 here.

Historical Topics Covered:

Henry Clay’s Senate Speech “In Defense of the American System”
Protective Tariff, National Bank, Internal Improvements
Article 1, Sect. 8 of U.S. Constitution
Speech of Henry Clay on American Industry (1824)
Alexander’s Hamilton’s 1791 Report on Manufactures
Alexander Hamilton’s Tariff Plan
Mercantilism & Economics of Tariffs
Division of Labor & Comparative Advantage
The Tariff of 1816
John Randolph of Roanoke (1773 – 1833)
Panic of 1819
John Taylor of Caroline’s Response to Tariffs
The Tariff Bill of 1820

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