The American System Part 2

Review Questions

1. What was the main argument against bounties?

2. How did Alexander Hamilton frame the argument for the constitutionality of bounties?

3. In Hamilton’s opinion how did bounties aid the general welfare?

4. Did James Madison agree with Hamilton’s view on bounties?

5. Explain Madison’s view on bounties.

6. Explain Thomas Jefferson’s argument against bounties?

7.  Congressman Hugh Williamson said the granting of bounties would cause oppression of the South by the North. Why?

8. Was the sectional breakdown on the congressional vote on bounties significant?

9. Who had the better argument on bounties? Madison and Jefferson or Hamilton? Why?

10. Are tariffs constitutional?

11. Are protective tariffs constitutional?

12. How and who would decide which industries should be protected?

13. What did the vote on the Tariff Bill of 1792 indicate?

14. Was the formation of a national bank an enumerated constitutional power?

15. What did the 1791 vote on a national bank signify?

16. What were Madison, Randolph and Jefferson’s opinions of the constitutionality of a national bank?

17. What specific constitutional clause did Hamilton use to justify the formation of a national bank as an implied power?

18. Why did it seem that the South consistently voted against Alexander Hamilton’s economic system?

Additional Resources

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A Basic History of the United States (Vol.2): the Beginning of the Republic 1775-1825

Thomas J. DiLorenzo
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The American System

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