The American System Part 1

From the nation’s earliest days, Congress has struggled with the fundamental issue of the Federal government’s proper role in fostering economic development.

One early government attempt at this was a plan called the American System.

The United States Senate website says this about the American System:

“Henry Clay’s ‘American System,’ devised in the burst of nationalism that followed the War of 1812, remains one of the most historically significant examples of a government-sponsored program to harmonize and balance the nation’s agriculture, commerce, and industry.”

Historical Topics Covered:

Alexander Hamilton
First Report on Public Credit 1790
Second Report on Public Credit and the Report on a National Bank 1790
Report on the Establishment of a Mint 1791
Report on the Subject of Manufacturers 1791
Mercantilism & Anti-Mercantilism
Government Granted Bounties
Import Duties (Tariffs)
Establishment of a National Bank

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