Shays’ Rebellion: Epilogue to the American Revolution

Was Shays’ rebellion an uprising by indebted farmers trying to get their debts extinguished or was it a legitimate tax revolt? This video will explore what really happened in western Massachusetts between the years 1786-1787 and reveal how Shays’ Rebellion was instrumental in bringing about the U.S. Constitution.

Historical Topics Covered:

Masachusetts Governor John Hancock
1700s Massachusetts Economy
Hampshire County Meeting 1786
Massachusetts Constitution Ratification Convention
Massachusetts Constitution 1780
Massachusetts’ Revolutionary War Debt
Revolutionary War Note Depreciation & Note Speculation
Property Tax & Poll Tax
Governor James Bowdoin
War of the Regulations
General William Shepard, Luke Day, Daniel Shays
General Benjamin Lincoln
Springfield Arsenal
Disqualification Act 1787
Articles of Confederation & Constitutional Convention
Henry Knox’s Letter to George Washington 1786

Review of Leonard L. Richard’s Shay’s Rebellion.